Saturday, April 4, 2015

Lapses in memory
As I age, like others of my age,I too have some difficulty in recalling names.When that happens my mind remains disturbed till I mange to recall.This generally happens with in a few minutes or as it happened the other day,in few hours. As you are aware by my earlier postings, my interest in birds and plants. While at my golf course, I saw these trees with deep blue flowers.The flowers were  allover the tree as to make the whole tree look deep blue and the floor was littered and looked as though covered with a blue carpet. Now what is the name of this familiar tree? My recall centre in the brain doesn't respond. Finished the round of golf and for two hours part of my brain was occupied in trying to recall the name. Asked my fellow golfers whose knowledge of trees is any way poor and I don't blame them for not knowing. Then we sat over the usual after golf beer. Suddenly I got the name!Jacaranda! to my great relief and the beer tasted extra good! Jacaranda like many other ornamental flowering trees is a common sight in Bangalore and is again not an indigenous tree.
The question is, has beer any thing to do with my ability to recall? Should try next time when I get stuck.


Unknown said...

If beer can induce memory recall I wish the beer be your 24/7 friend

My thoughts said...

my friend, do you want an inebriated doctor to look after you?