Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Arvind Kejriwal, Bhushans, Shanthi and Prashant

When Kejriwal entered the political scene of the country with the launch of the Aam Admi party and its spectacular show in the Delhi elections, made me for a moment very happy.I imagined a scene where this party will spread all over the country and we would enter a different, cleaner and more people friendly era of governance.

Then came the reality. Arvind followed the  same methods of the other political parties to win.His selection process too involved winnability as the most important factor when he selected his candidates much to the displeasure of Bhushans. End became more important than the means and ethics took second place to power. It came as no surprise that there was deep rooted descent in the rank and file of the party led by Shanthi and Prashanth Bhushan.

Prashanth and Sahnthi Bhushan are few of the remaining, who take up moral and ethical issues and fight long and often frustrating legal battles in the interest of the common people. Shanthi Bhushan, now in his eighties has been at it from the days of our first prime minster. Common Cause is an organisation raised and sustained mainly by their efforts.They have much more authority to speak on ethics in public life than Kejriwal. But Arvind has that unexplained charisma which makes aam admi blind to the reality, as it happened in the case of Jawharlal Nehru and more recently the present PM Narendra Modi.

It makes supporters of Aam Admi party like me feel very sad with these developments. It reminds me of the JP movement the brief and aborted Janata party rule

Another party headed by Bhushan? Tough decision as they, the father and son are not politicians, in the sense of even and honest Kejriwal can be.

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Sundar said...

Great disappointment to a well begun party which is disintegrating rapidly.