Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Appreciation of art

How does one do it?  When one views a painting , picture, fresco or a photograph what appeals to him? Does this appeal makes him feel happy, sad,
excited or leaves him with no feelings?

If it is sadness then is it worth having it always? If it elation, happiness then one may be inclined to have it. Then what in that painting or picture which evokes these feelings?
Is it the intricacy and the effort, the colours, the object chosen that is the cause? Or is it something else? In abstract painting there is no apparent design or method but they succeed in eliciting these emotions.
In abstracts one probably sees the painter trying to convey athought or meaning to the person who is viewing. This thought is the one that evokes the feeling which makes one to appreciate it
I have a print of a painting by Mario Miranda of Hobo in tattered  dress with a drooping cigarette in the mouth standing forlorn in abusy street corner. It's infinitely sad and the painter has succeeded in his purpose
 I have another, this one real, of abstract colours arranged in squares with meameaningless lines and circles giving the impression of attemped script.The colours used dark  red to yellow and brown. What is the emotio n?
Freedom? Peace or may be both. It occupies a place where I can have an easy and frequent look

I have another of two Rajasthani men sitting on a pavement. One has a disapproving look and another has a questioning one. This painting is on a wall in my sitting room and often draws attention of my visitors. What emotions that come up on viewing this painting? Curiosity, feelings of insecurity, peace, fun. most of these have been experienced on looking at this. My own feeling is that one of peace at what I am as they must be!

How I acquired this painting I will tell you in my next post

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