Thursday, June 5, 2014

Much dirty water has flown down the Indian rivers since I wrote last. Arvind Kejriwal on whom the likes of me had such high hopes of transforming this country's political scene, proved to be a rather damp squib. I still have some hopes of his resurrection. let us hope and wait.

The most remarkable event in the Indain political scene is the rise and rise of a man who goes by the name of Narendra Mody. No one believed a year ago that the party led by this man would win an overwhelming majority, virtually decimating the family led Congress party.

Year 1947 freed us from the British rule and Indians thought they were in for a period of peace and prosperity.Sixty years of  mostly Congress rule belied these hopes. In 2014 people of this country are hoping Narendra Mody and his party BJP will deliver them from the sufferings largely due to poor governance and rampant corruption.

My hopes too.Let us wait and see what happens.