Monday, April 13, 2015

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Copper pod Tree [Peltophorum pterocarpum]

This is an ornamental flowering tree to be found in abundance in urban India. When allowed to grow with out impedance, it will grow to 50 ft and above,The crown is semicircular and when covered with the abundant brilliant flowers it is a magnificent sight This is the flowering time and till early may if one keeps ones eyes open one can see this and enjoy.

Native to Sri lanka, Indonesia,Malay peninsula, the tree must have traveled west wards or northwards and has become native to India or was there already.One can safely say it is indigenous. The name copper pod is because of the seed bearing pods, when immature, have rusty red colour resembling that of copper. There is another name for this tree called rusty shield bearer, the flowers resembling a shield [ even on very close inspection I failed to detect any resemblance of the crinkly petalled flowers to that of a shield]. Mr Negginhal writes why in Pondicherry it is called Service tree, is because it provides shades to the graves of Aurobindo and Mother!

Right now, I am never tired of feasting my eyes with sight of these trees all around me in the area where I live and on the golf course where wise men of yesteryears have planted large number of these.

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