Thursday, April 23, 2015

The sand pipers

Image result for sandpiper bird picture

Each year since the past ten odd years I welcomed with pleasure a single pair of this bird each year from January to May. I carried a pair of binoculars with me when ever I went golfing those days and despite that it took me several days before I could for certain identify this bird as spotted sandpiper and not the common sandpiper. They went missing [or I missed seeing them] since last two years and when I saw them once again a week ago it was like meeting some long last friends.

Sand pipers are migratory birds and known to fly from one continent to the other. The pair who come to my golf course probably come from Europe or northern China. The characteristic brown top and white bottom and the bobbing head and tail are characteristics and so are the feeding habits. Usually found near the edge of the ponds and lakes and even on sea shores, this class of birds seem to be in no danger of extinction.

I was and still one happy man after I saw them hale and hearty, though I found it hard to explain this to my fellow golfers!

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