Friday, May 8, 2015

Salman and after

I don't go to movies especially the Hindi movies which are mostly song and dance gibberish. Most are far removed from reality and are huge commercial successes. This success is like the success of the ongoing IPL matches.The success in terms of gate attendance,TV viewership,money made by the advertisement for mostly useless products, reflect the taste and trends of modern India.So is with cinema. The status of the bollywood actors and actresses too reflect this taste, The huge popularity of Salman Khan is one such example.

This man, some thirteen years ago, while drunk, ran over the footpath and killed one and injured many.Adding insult to injury, he ran away from the scene.He has money and clout and he used this and kept the case going on all these years in the lower court. The lower court 3 days ago, announced him guilty and awarded him 5 years in jail.

You might have thought that justice is done at last.Wait, he got bail from the higher court in super quick time and one of the best legal brains, who commands lot of respect in the legal spheres, Mr Harish Salve represented him!

A horde of admirers, both from the cinema and politics, made a dutiful pilgrimage to this actor's home.Watching the scene on television, I had the surrealistic feeling of watching people paying homage to a great war hero!

What do you call this? Mass sycophancy,hysteria,misplaced loyalty?

All this drama goes to show that this country there are two laws.One for the wealthy and another for the poor

I am very disappointed with Mr Salve.

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