Saturday, May 9, 2015

Many years ago, I was a trustee of Bangalore Hospice Trust which runs a hospice for the terminally ill cancer patients. Fund raising is an important and needed activity of the trust. Even now it is so. There used to be an yearly exhibition of art and hospice would get material from donors for sale which included many paintings, some known and  some unknown. One such painting, on 4by4 canvass depicting the two Rajasthani men was on display. The trustees decided to sell it for Rs 20,000. During the three days of show it went unsold and went back to its place in one of the rooms.Next year too the same story repeated. In the third year the chief trustee decided to bring the price down to Rs  15000 and expected it to be sold. Two days went by and no sale. That is when I made the offer of Rs 10,000 which is all I could afford. The last day and the last minute went by and no one bid for it and the painting became mine! Since then it has occupied a pride of place in my sitting room and many a uncomfortable guest has asked me the origins of this painting. But who is the painter? There is the name of the painter called Arohi Singh in the corner? Who is she?

These two men have entertained my friends, relatives and I,all these years and the money spent on this has really been worth it

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