Friday, May 8, 2015

Appreciation of music

You should have an ear for music or he has an ear for music. What these phrases mean? do they mean that you have a special aptitude to appreciate music. Yes, that is what they mean. What is this special aptitude? Does it need training or is it instinctive?

In bygone days [I believe even now in some], south Indian bramhin families would get their children, girls in particular, trained in classical karnatic music.This had two purposes.One is that the parents genuinely believed that these girls achieve proficiency in music that it adds value to their future lives and the other more practical belief that it is a value addition in the marriage market!

Be that as may, let us get back to the assumption that training makes one appreciate music much better than one when is not trained.It is true that some training helps in recognition of the nuances such as the voice,rhythm, cadence, construction etc.If one such listener concentrates too much on these aspects there is fear of his losing the essence of the music. Take for example the singing of late Gangubai, Her voice is shrill and manly and a person who determines the singing by the melody would think her music below par. But she succeeded in touching the very depths of your heart by the sheer quality and exuberance and that is the secret of many great singers. They went to ones heart and brain has little to say.

In conclusion, I feel of knowledge of music when complimented by instinct will make one appreciate music much better than knowledge alone. In this a person who has no knowledge but has instinct is better off!

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