Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ushering in yet another year

A year is about to end and another about to begin and time has come to share my thoughts and feelings and say thank you.
These are:
To those of you who are my patients, a big thank you for keeping me active in the profession and for the confidence, love and affection you continue to shower,
To those of my friends, especially my golfing and badminton buddies, for having kept me happy and healthy,
To my small scattered family for continued support and love,
To the colorful plant and bird life which continues to give me so much of visual pleasure,
To readers of my Blog for the encouragement which has helped me to keep writing,
And lastly, to that mighty force which has kept me mentally fit and physically active, given me the ability to enjoy and appreciate the little things in the evening of my life.

Hope you don’t mind a bit of advice from an old doctor.

Eat less, consume less, exercise more, laugh whenever you can, help out, forget the past, enjoy the present and don’t worry about future.

These are the same ones expressed last year.I could not do any better this year.Therefore I have posted the same!


Dip said...

Happy New Year to you and yours.

May you remain healthy, play golf and badminton and watch the plants and the birds and be happy.

As a patient and a friend let me thank you for your support to keep me healthy and happy.

Thank you for your good advice, even though I have found it difficult to eat "less".

~ Dip

Anonymous said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR SIR. Thanks for your sincere advice.

Dr.V.S.Krishna murthy

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Doctor,

It's a bit late in the year but nonetheless - you've done a lot for many of us and we'd want you to have all good things.

It's been awhile since I've last seen you and as someone at the receiving end of your witticisms I worry what you would say if you see me - not at my best for not having followed your instructions.

I will come and see you - more as friend than as a patient but I don't know when as it is a pilgrimage to come from Hebbal to Indiranagar these days.

Keep writing - it's good to keep in touch with you this way - if not in person.