Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tendulkar and Bradman

The present generations of cricket lovers all over, including the Australians seem to think Tendulkar is better of the two. One should really not compare the two in the first place. But if you force me to do it I would place Bradman above Tendulkar. In the era Bradman played, except Leg guards there was no protective gear. One exposed the body and head to the fast bowlers. He had a phenomenal average of more than 90. He may have played fewer tests but that is not taking away from the basic facts of brilliant batsmanship. They had to design the famous bodyline attack to keep him quiet. Nothing of that sort ever happened to the well protected Tendulkar. Given the conditions of modern cricket it is possible that he is one of the greatest batsmen the world has seen in recent times. But then who am I to opine when the majority of voters are young hero-worshippers?

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