Friday, December 24, 2010

Travesty of Justice

  • I did not know whether to laugh or weep on hearing the news of Dr Binayak Sen being found Guilty of sedition by a judge in Chattisgarh. In this country the state machinery can be used to bend justice to suit its ways and Dr Sen being found guilty is one such. It is not difficult to create documents, get witnesses to testify against anyone the state doenot like and there are any number of officials willing to cater to the whims of the state.

    That he was a nuisance to the state machinery was true. His ways of helping the poor and down trodden was not to the liking of the state. He took the health and nutrition care where it was most needed, to the poorest of the poor and to their doorstep. He found by experience that these people had no voice and willy nilly became their voice in the form a human rights activist. To equate this activity as that of a naxalite is shameful to say the least and this is exactly the state government has done. It should have followed his example and reached out to people and won them over instead of giving in to the influential interests of the landed gentry.

    Of course the higher judiciary will not be that stupid as the lower courts and will see that he justice will be done, but then if a person of Dr Sen’s eminence can be found guilty, imagine the plight of an ordinary citizen in this country who has been wronged by the state.

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