Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Many of you must have wondered at the prolonged period of not writing on my blog and what may have happened to the old man? Recently one of my patients took objection to my calling myself an old man. When one is old what is wrong with the term? After all the body has to get old but what is important is the feeling. If one feels good in whatever one does and keeps active then one is not ‘old’. In that sense I am not old. Incidentally I have updated my age which should have been done six months back.

Returning to the question of why I did not write for six months, is not due to my passing away or due to ill health, lack of material or sheer laziness, but because of one important factor which constantly and even now disturbs me when I take up to write. This is the thought of the state of my country. This not new and I was able to put these aside and get on with life and my writing. But lately the level to which the governance and corruption has sunk to, is so mind boggling that I am compelled to write only about this and most of you are quite bored with my constant rantings.

But then I have a reason. I was a toddler when the country became independent. We were abject poor but were reasonably administered by the British before that. Our poverty was due mostly to the siphoning of the resources and funds to our host country and to the ravages of world war which made every one poor including the British. They thought it fit quit rather than manage us and there was also the nuisance called Gandhi. So we became independent and I grew up in this independent India. We had visions of a well managed state where in every one lived in harmony and comfort. Gradually reality took over and we realized that aspiration is one thing and achievement is another. The former was high and the latter very low. The real colours of the ruling class [politicians and beurocrats] became apparent as the years went by. Corruption and poor governance which were not rampant in the initial years gradually became common and even worse it came to be accepted by the society and corrupt wealth came to be accepted and even respected! This happened at the cost of development is easy to understand and what we are seeing today is this cancer that is destroying the country and the magnitude of this illness is what the media is highlighting. Then what is this that you hear that India is an emerging economic power and is going to be a world leader? This is because we are a large and populous nation and a small percentage of this population is wealthy it is like the whole of Europe being wealthy. That is what one sees .The doings of this 5% of the population [which includes most of the corrupt]. The state of remaining is going from bad to worse leading to a frightening discordance. It is a joke that this country becoming a world leader. What is then the solution?
Radical surgery is the cure. Not so long ago, corruption was rampant in the state of Singapore. It needed one man [Lee Kon Yew] to set things right. Quick justice and accountability is what he did and you see the results. We need another Lee to save us.

Till then you have not many choices, rant and rave and be called a misfit, get into a self created cocoon [of golf, music and infrequent writing like I have done]and let the world be or become a revolutionary [which may take the country to even worse situation]

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