Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hazare and the whip

I imagined the scene where Gandhian Anna Hazare is going around the country with a whip in his hand looking for persons who like their drink. What would I do if faced with this spectre? I would humbly request him to taste thimble full of wine before he takes up his whip. I am quite confident of winning him over.

Why is he so anti wine? Easy to understand. He has seen addiction to drink ruining families and thinks flogging is the answer. While not advocating that one should take to drinking, I am totally against this kind of thinking. This kind of puritanical attitude is going to draw people away from his movement to eradicate corruption. Instead he should advocate moderation and educate people not to become alcoholics. There is overwhelming medical evidence that small doses of alcohol is good for health!

The question is how small is small?


Dip said...
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Dip said...

Anti-corruption movement has lost its way. What with Team Anna's members (Mr. Kajriwal, Ms. Kiran Bedi and a few others)monopolising the Gandhian's movement to further their public image; and the simple and honest Gandhian's value systems like "flog those who drink" and "how many slaps did the Minister receive?" show that the movement has lost its focus.

I still maintain that all those who are supporting the movement firstly must publicly declare that they are not corrupt ~ and I am sure that not many would pass the test.

If a law could change human nature it would be a miracle wand ~ but can any one here tell me whether such miracle wand is feasible.

Power corrupts a man, and power without any accountability to anyone corrupts him absolutely ~ that is what is happening with the members of Team Anna.

By the way, as a Doctor you should be able to define what is a "small"~ Smiles

My thoughts said...

small is one glass of wine or one pint of beer or one small [30ml] whisky. Please remember it is OR