Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nature’s culling

Authorities in national parks allow hunting of wild life if they find one form of life exceeding the limits. This is called culling. This however doesn’t apply to us humans. We are at liberty to breed and multiply and test the resources of mother earth. This over populating the earth is in a way insulting nature. If you go by this yardstick human life is the most dangerous form of life ever evolved. Is there a scheme of things behind this profligacy? I wonder. There are different theories for the disappearance of earlier life forms. For example the Dinosaurs and the Woolly Mammoth. The dinosaurs became extinct after major upheaval die to meteor hit and the woolly mammoth because of rapid advance of ice age. If we are to believe there is an in built wisdom in nature which is not conditioned to safe guard human life, then I am afraid we are in for some form of correction which may well mean disappearance of humans. From the point of view of mother earth nothing much will be missed by the disappearance of this none too attractive a species. How will this be brought about?

Many centuries ago Rev Malthus propagated a theory that natural calamities like famine, fire or floods will correct the balance and the population gets naturally culled. This may still happen if you go by what is happening in Ethiopia where millions are dying or going to die if the rest of the world sits back and watches. A more likely event will be mutation of a run of the mill virus into a killer with widespread deaths uniformly spread throughout across all nations. Next possibility is nuclear explosion which will kill selectively and therefore unjust!

Going by the life span of stars and planets, earth has few more million years left before it gets blasted to smithereens. Therefore when doom is inevitable why worry? Get on with our wasteful ways and hell with coming generations of life forms.

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