Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ganpathi Bhat Hasanagi

There are some who strike you as brilliant at first meet. Most don’t. Meet could be personal or distant. In music, art, sport, it could be distant. I have written about personalities whom I have met personally and those whom I have not but have close relation through their work and performance. One such field where though I lack personal knowledge I have gotten close is in the field of classical music. I have had occasion to write about Bhimsen Joshi and Gangubai Hangal [both of them no more]

Another such who is still relatively not so well known is Ganpathi Bhat. I am no exponent of Classical music. My knowledge is primitive but what I know is heartfelt. Many brush Gangubai off as singer with shrill voice. But to me she was manifestation of great talent and her voice played a minor role when I listened to her. When I first heard Ganpathi Bhat some ten years ago it was like a shock wave of pleasure hitting me. He has a rich voice, brilliant control and the variety he brings in without much ado is breath taking.

Those of you who love Hindustani classical music must listen to his music. It will be a divine experience.

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