Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gandhi,his sandals,spectacles and eating bowl

Indian news media is all agog with the news of Gandhi’s personal effects are being auctioned in distant Newyork. Words like we will never allow this to happen. This [a pair of sandals, spectacles. A bowl and a plate] is our heritage and auctioning them is blasphemy. It was great fun watching these guardians of our tradition suddenly becoming fond of what were once used by the Mahatma. A nation which has forgotten Gandhi and has gone in the direction exactly opposite to what he preached is now crowing over these! I wish they get auctioned and someone who reveres Gandhiji and looks after these buys them and not my government which only has lip sympathy for this great man.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the cartoonist Ponnappa very aptly put it a few days back saying "People are buying Gandhi's spectacles, but any takers for his vision ?" !!


My thoughts said...

The liquor Baron, Mallya bought them.Gandhi was anti alcohol and see the fate that awaited his relics!
Latest is that the customs would tax these any way!
In the mean time the original owner wants these back!
Old man Gandhi would have turned in his grave many times over in the last 60 years seeing the way we do things![he was cremated so no chance of this either poor man!]