Thursday, March 5, 2009


Talking about mind I was thinking about the sex drive that controls human behaviour. The location in the brain is a body called Amaglyda and the chemical responsible is dopamine which is reponsible [it is not that simple]. If it is the same chemical that motivates sex why it is different for men and women? A male is ever fascinated with the female breast but not vice versa [?]. But who knows if men were to have big breasts, would they be more attractive to women? While surfing the internet I came across the news that many men who have bigger than normal breasts are getting surgery done to get them removed. A new name is coined for big male breasts. Moobs!

Moobs can be normal or can be due to some illnesses when the surgery may be indicated. But normal moobs should not be removed unless the wife of the moobs owner permits!?

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