Sunday, March 1, 2009


I read with increasing dismay and anguish the stray attempts at intimidation of women who don’t conform to certain norms set by the conservative society. This society needless to say is dominated by men who have not understood women as human beings with their own value systems which are at times far superior and far ahead of times to that of men.

Indian thought has venerated women for their motherhood and their ability to procreate and thus give life. Is that all our women capable off? Should they forever be subservient to men? Which norm of human behaviour dictates this hegemony of men over women? What kind of culture is this which allows the attack on women who are seen outside wearing clothing which is comfortable and easy. And why should they not visit pubs/ If drinking alcohol is bad for women it is more so for men who are more given to excesses. My own feeling is that, all this is due to inherent inferiority complex and inability to bear and watch women doing well in all spheres of activity and men losing out. There is also the sex part of it. A woman who is educated and well informed will not give in easily and will not allow to be treated as a sex object to titillate and satisfy the male. She will no longer be satisfied with motherhood and child bearing, she wants to do more and asset herself and is doing it very well. This is the provocation. The moral policing is in fact the worse form of immorality that I have had the misfortune to witness.

Women should carry guns and shoot these goons. I, a normally non violent soul, will not hesitate to do so.


Anonymous said...

so far the best commentary i have seen on this subject


Anonymous said...

Well said!