Sunday, February 1, 2009

Moral policing

There have been reports in several of parts of the country of acts of coercion against women for acts which the conservative [bigots, extremists, fundamentalists] elements take exception to. These include not following the prescribed dress code, being seen and friendly with men, going to pubs and parties and in extreme cases even going to schools.

For a person who is steeped in the belief that all humans are equal [some times women even better than men], I find these acts abhorrent to say the least. Sex and its ramifications and interpretations and beliefs of purity etc related to sex are the root cause of these problems. Women are not property of men to be traded and victimized at their whim. Unless human beings treat sex as another desire and keep it in its place, this kind of nonsensical and deviant behaviour will continue. All women and all sane men should use all the means at their disposal to counter these elements in our societies.

This is the worst form of cancer that has afflicted our social fabric.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Doc

I agree with your views. What is even more scary is that it appears (from opinion polls I saw on TV) almost 50% of our society agrees with the rationale behind the attack, although they do not support the violence itself.

"Cancer" is the right word for this problem.