Monday, February 16, 2009

Secret of success

Everyone wants to be successful. How is success measured? Is it by the accumulation of wealth and material pocessions or is it by what one has achieved in his or her chosen field of activity or is it simply by the way he has lived?.There are no clear cut answers and the definition of success thus depends upon how one looks at it from his point of view. I look at it this way. If one has led a life in which he has helped more and harmed less, is contented in what he has done or doing and has learnt to forget and forgive, he is a success. Often, success has nothing to do with school or collegiate education. It could be a way to show you how to succeed. This reminds me of a story told of an Oxford don [professor].

The faculty and students held a dinner to honor this don who had produced many successes in all walks of life. He was asked his method of evaluation of his students. He said, ‘I tried many but over the years I found one method which never failed. He stopped to take a breath. The eager audience wanted to know what this method is. The Don continued,’ I took the answer sheets to the top of the stairs and placed the bundle there and gave it a kick to scatter the sheets. One year I gave maximum marks to those which fell on the top of the stairs and next year to those which fell at the bottom’.

The audience was mute.

The message here is: Success doesn’t depend on formal education.

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