Monday, December 1, 2008

Why is Indian governament weak?

Across the board of class, caste, community, creed and religion Indians come under three classes

Class 1. Honest, efficient, hard working, helpful and noncorrupt.

Class 2. Honest but can become dishonest, can become inefficient, can become lazy and can become corrupt.

Class 3. Dishonest, inefficient, lazy, unhelpful and corrupt.

Since independence, 60 years ago, there is a steady flight of class 1 out of this country. Class 2 has also gone out but a considerable number have joined private sector. Class 3 has been given all incentives to join government service and become politicians and they have done so. And the result is what we are seeing and experiencing.

Sleep cure

An Indian politician went to his doctor and requested a prescription for sleeping pills to last for six months. The curious doctor asked him why he needed this supply. The politician explained. ‘Recently I had to change my bed which had the stuffing of currency notes. I slept very well on that. I had to take the stuffing out to distribute the notes to my party workers and voters during the recent elections. Now that I have won, it will take six months to make a similar bed’.

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