Wednesday, December 17, 2008


At the customs and entry counter of an international airport.
Official, ‘this passport looks fake’
Terrorist,’ yes’.
Official,’ that will be twenty thousand rupees’
Terrorist,’ last time you took ten thousand’
Official,’ last time the laws were less stringent’
Terrorist pays twenty thousand.
Official starts looking at the baggage and finds a sackful of grenades. He asks what these are.
Terrorist, ‘they are hand grenades’
Official, ‘you will have to pay one thousand each’ after some haggling they agree for Rs 500 each
Official, ‘what is this’
Terrorist,’ that is a Kalashnikov rifle’
Official,’ that is an expensive contraband, you have to pay Rs 100,000’
After a brief haggle they agree for Rs 75000.
The terrorist starts walking away. A thought strikes the custom official. He calls the terrorist back and asks,’ what are using these for? ‘Why, to kill you Indians’ replies the terrorist.
In that case, says the official, we have to stick to the original price, I cannot give you any concessions.

[The author has given vent to his imagination]

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Anonymous said...

It might have happened also !After all we are the fourth corrupt country in the world.