Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ushering in the new year 09

Bit of thanks giving.

For having kept my senses as fresh as in the year that went by,
That I continue to appreciate the twitter of the warbler and the song of the bulbul,
The scent of the jasmine and the beauty of the rose,
The ability to wonder at the strength of the twig that holds the 25kg jackfruit hanging free,
The divine dance of the stars on the moonlit sky,
The ability to analyze, collate and come to a conclusion and not entirely rely on serendipity,
To my small family who have not taken me amiss for finding time to pursue my interests and not for them,
To my small circle of friends and a larger circle of patients who have kept me going for another year,
And to all of you [more than 4700] at the last count, who have read and are reading my blog and thus keeping an old man’s spirits high!

Now to wish all of you

A year that will bring more joy and less sorrow,
More fulfilment and less frustration,
More peace and less disturbance,
More contentment and less desire,
More pleasure to give than to receive,
And find meaning in the wonderful world and the cosmic universe that you and I are part of.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice thoughts, well expressed.