Saturday, September 14, 2013


I take long walks in this wooded community, barely disturbed by other walkers and joggers, my thoughts run to what this land had been barely 200 years ago. Mexicans owned this land which was nothing but dry scrub land. What transformed it into what it is today? War, violence,subjugation,hardwork,suffering and above all harnessing the waters of the river Colorado  and the snow which earlier melted down and went waste. In two hundred years this land has become the bread and fruit basket of the country.

Was it all worth it? Decimating whole population of natives,Indians to achieve this? I wonder. Some times it i better to remain backward and poor if it means happiness. I met and interacted with a gentleman who teaches techniques of relaxation. The mind [mostly located in the cortex is essentially made of thoughts leading to either action,both negative and positive. It may also lead to pent up[locked up feelings not resulting in any action]. The need is to delete this clutter of feelings and free the mind and make space for positive inputs

Day to day life is full of these minor and occasionally major strifes. And these involve second and third parties.These may be your relatives,wife,lover,business associate or even random men and women. How we react to them is in essence what our emotional mind is made up of. If the inputs are happy and positive, you remain relaxed, other wise you will be restive ans tense.

Is it making some sense?

I will try and explain how to next time I write

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