Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I said  decluttering one's mind leads to peace. With so much happening in day to day strife ridden lives, how can this be done?

Let me explain what I have attempted with some success. Keep your mind occupied with less number of thoughts. Yoga teachers have different methods of approach to achieve this.One such is concentrate on breathing. Forget about breath being the elixer of life and such other kinds of yogic mumbo jumbo. What it does is that it is relatively easy to observe your own breathing and when you are doing it the brain [mind] has one thought, that is breathing! this single thought can be for few minutes or if you are jobless can be for hours. Sport,physical work outs, listening to music too achieve the same purpose. The opposite happens when you become jealous, angry and sad. Being humans with a huge mostly unoccupied cerebral cortical cells, it is easy to engage them with these negative thoughts often leading  troubled lives.

Therefore the trick is to occupy our minds with few pleasant thoughts.Whether these lead to pleasant actions or not is not really material. It will at leas keep you happily idle!

Try it out,will you?  

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