Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stink spreads
I have never been a fan of the shorter version of cricket which goes by the name of 20/20 and the Indian brand name of IPL[Indian premier league]. My dislike was mainly for cricketing reasons. I hold the view that it is destroying the real cricket that is test cricket. This short form of cricket is vulgar, flashy,base to say the least. I say this despite its huge popularity. Like many such things in our country things of value don't always are popular but something that appeals to coarser instincts gets the nod of the general public. That sadly is what Indian society is today.
Now that three players were caught for match fixing and their connections and operations have spread across to others and the latest is the BCCI president himself! Though as yet a rumour the stink is spreading and I hope this will put an end this monster of a game

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