Thursday, May 16, 2013

It has been quite a while I wrote. This has made a few of you wonder if I have been ill. Happily, I am well and have completed my 72nd year![time to change my profile]. It has been more than 4 years since I have started blogging and more than 300 posts later, the interest is till there not withstanding the poverty in writing in the past few months. I promise to write more often than I have been doing.

As write this piece, another scandal has broken out in our much hyped IPL cricket. Three cricketers were caught fixing the game. I was not in the least surprised. Given the prevailing atmosphere in the country where graft rules the roost, where top politicians and beurocrats openly practice and flaunt it, how can young cricketers be an exception?
The whole IPL is huge thamasha and hoax played on an unsuspecting and rather naive public.
It is certainly not cricket as I have bemoaned in this blog number of times.

They are killing this great and sedate game called cricket.

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