Thursday, April 21, 2011

Return of the super bug

I had on earlier occasion written on the emergence of super bug on the Indian scene and how it has rapidly spread to the community and now comes the news that the bug was found in the municipal water supply of New Delhi. The reaction from the health authority was on expected lines and typically Ostrich like behavior. It is only a matter of time that the organism, E-Coli which is lives in the colon where it rarely causes problem and urinary tract where it causes many problems, gets into the water supply. Fecal contamination of drinking water in India is a rule rather than an exception.

In India the best way to tackle the problem is to behave as though the problem does not exist or try and discredit the authenticity of the source. This time it once again the Lancet, one of the most reputed medical journals is being discredited by being partisan. Why don’t we accept and try and tackle the menace before millions die of resistant infections? Remember, E coli is very friendly to other organisms. It will, sooner or later will make our ordinary staphylococcus [causes furuncles and boils] a super bug by donating the resistance factor. Imagine the situation when a patient with a simple abscess dies because there is no cure?

Those who want to, live like ostriches are doing the same to Shanthi and Prashanth Bhushan. They want to kill or defang the Jan Lok Pal bill. The corrupt in this country never have had it this good. Let the am janata go to hell. I am happy in the present state of affairs. I don’t want o topple this excellent apple cart. Who are these fools Anna Hazare and his team to disturb us?

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Dip said...

Why don’t we accept and try and tackle the menace before millions die of resistant infections?

Who cares? The politicians are busy to keep their pockets full.

The Babus who run the administrations do9 not owe anything to anyone.

Family physicians in India is a vanishing tribe. Specialist and Super-specialist doctors do not have time for social re-engineering.

I wonder what kind of India are we leaving behind for the future generations!

I am glad that I am your patient.