Monday, April 4, 2011

Black tape

I am sure you have heard of red tape but not black tape. Black tape is the word [coined by me] to describe a combination of red tape and black mail. Much publicized incident of black tape occurred recently at the Bombay [Mumbai] customs. The international cricket council [ICC] is head quartered in Dubai. The world cup made up of precious metal and stones was taken from Dubai for the inauguration ceremony at Dakha [Bangladesh were the co hosts] after the ceremony it went back to the ICC HQ. Now for the final it was brought by an ICC official who was told that he can bring it into the country or so he presumed. He did not know our customs [read my earlier post on them]. They would not let the cup in unless a hefty duty of 22 lakhs is paid. The ICC version is that the customs official demanded 200 free tickets to release the trophy! So the trophy that the winning team went about kissing was a replica which had made the rounds all over the three countries prior to the events!

Whom to believe? I believe the ICC because I know my Indians. It is said that an Indian custom official demanded a bribe from his own mother!

Here was thus a combination of red tape and black mail. Black tape is the apt description and I hope it will go and enrich English language as yet another unsavory contribution from us, Indians.

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Dip said...

The media will not talk about the blackmail.

Thank you for bringing it to our notice.

I wonder whose money the Chief Ministers are doling out to the successful Indian Cricket Team ~ their own or taxpayers hard earned money!