Sunday, March 21, 2010

Maya's garlands

Indians are immune to the news, both visual and written, giving details of corruption in public life. If there is one single reason why we have progressed much less than what we could have, is because of this. I have written on several occasions on this and how we have come to accept and even appreciate the corrupt.

The latest is the felicitation ceremony of the corrupt politician queen, madam Mayavati. This scion and savior of Dalits [name given to the socially and economically backward section of Indians] is ruling the largest and the most populous state of the union called Utter Pradesh. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the birth of her party, she was profusely garlanded by her party men [sycophants].The garlands were made up of currency notes of 1000rupee denomination. The garlands were huge and were engulfing the diminutive Mayavati and they [garlands] had to be supported by her faithful. Was there any sense of shame or remorse on her face? No fears. There was a glow of great pleasure. Obviously there is no need to account for this money that must have come by some sort of coercion, when it is collected by politicians. There was an interesting TV discussion on this question of acceptance of money in this manner and one of the participants defended her saying that she has the guts to do it openly in contrast o others who do it under hand!

God save this country.

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Anonymous said...

Gifts received by a government servant are supposed to be deposited in the Treasury.If the powers that be in Delhi are meek spectators, they too are a party to it. You only have to scratch the surface of any activity in our country and you will see corruption in action. Our country will be ruled by the mafia, like Russia, very soon.