Sunday, March 21, 2010


The slam bang cricket jamboree that goes by the name of 20/20 [twenty twenty cricket] is back to haunt the likes of me. For the next two months there will be no other news or sports show on our TV channels and I have no option but to watch it. Having said I prefer the longer version of the game, I am not averse to watching it. But the kind of entertainment this provides is aesthetically less satisfying compared to the game played in other formats. But that is not the younger generation thinks and feels. The stadia are full of young people watching [if you call making lewd noise as watching]. The viewer is bombarded with commercial clips not only at thee end of the over but even between balls!. Commercial interests have completely taken over this game and we are witnessing the death of real cricket.

Most of the viewing and paying public is young. This generation has grown up in a frenzy of change. They are used to loud sounds, lewd language, explicit sex, no leisure, traffic snarls, violence in real life and on the screens, corrupt private and public life and the IPL in its third successful season, reflects all this. Sad but true.

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Seetharam said...

Cricket is no more a game. It is an industry.