Monday, May 15, 2023


It is becoming increasingly evident that communities vote en block, keeping the community/religion interests above that of the over all interests of all citizens. Often it counters development of the region as during elections the persons elected, are not necessarily the efficient ones but got elected because they belong to a particular community or caste or religion. A person belonging to a minority caste, community,/religion has poor chances of success despite being efficient and honest if he contests from an area where he is considered as an outsider just because he is not from the majority. This has been the bane of this country and is becoming worse. It has made Christians and Muslims vote for their candidates and Hindus for their castes and not necessarily for their religion. Attempts are being made to unite them and make them vote for their religion and not caste with some or little success as has been proved in the recently concluded Karnataka elections.

I am awaiting for a day when we vote not because an individual belongs to this or that relegeon or this or that caste but because he is honest, efficient and proven public leader.

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