Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Let Mukesh Ambani build now

Mukesh Ambani built a 400 crore dwelling for him and family to live in Mumbai few years ago [see the pictures in the net]. He is supposedly not living there because Vastu experts told him it is inauspicious! In the first place to build like that for a single family in a poor country like ours is in itself vulgarly shameful and not living in it after having built it is even worse. Then, so what, when our politicos and bureaucrats are wasting hundreds and thousand of crores of rupees, what is Mukesh's 500 crores.

That the Ambani's are amongst the richest of men gives them an opportunity now to really build. This is take on hand in the reconstruction of the flood damaged infrastructure of the holy land of Uttarakand. Given their undoubted ability to get work done by hook or crook, and their enormous wealth, they can do it, but will they?

That is the question

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Anonymous said...

Either some astrologer will have to tell Mukesh Bhai that he will lose all his wealth if he does not contribute to this cause - or there will have to be a miracle like we have never seen before ! If neither, I don't see anyway of this happening !