Tuesday, January 8, 2013


In this unfortunate country and people, we are not only saddled with rotten political leaders, but also are burdened with religious leaders who are a century behind times if one goes by the remarks made by them.

One says school girls should not wear skirts, another says woman should stay inside the house and look after the husband and children and run the house and yet another says the rape victim is to be equally blamed!

With such leaders at the helm do we have any hopes at all of becoming a developed nation?

The more I read and watch the media more confirmed I become in my pessimism about the future of my country.


Shannon said...

You're in India right? Such a difficult contradiction for me to understand. I was watching a documentary about how India boasts some of the best most educated doctors in the world, and some hospitals where even Americans come to get medical practice for a lower price than here in the states. Yet issues as this you are talking about are treated with such a third world mentality. It is bewildering to me and I don't know what could possibly be done except for the younger generation becoming more powerful and out spoken as they age. I like your thoughts on this blog. Thanks

My thoughts said...

Yes, I am a semiretired physician. The top 10% of India has cornered most of her resources. They are responsible for the high tech health care which draws american ill, clutter our narrow roads with glitzy automobiles, malls which none of us can afford to visit, 7 star hotels where even to breathe is expensive and ugly and huge housing estates. This ten percent is more than the population of Europe.
The rest of the country is what I am lamenting about.

Unknown said...
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