Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ernie Els wins The open

British open is known as The Open. It is one of the three major golf tournaments held yearly. One is the Masters at Augusta [USA], the second is the US open and the third is the British Open sorry, The Open. Golf played on courses laid by the sea side is called the links golf. Links golf is a unique feature of The Open. Links golf is a different ball game in the sense, wind rain and the man deep sand bunkers come into play, making the game that much more trying.

This year saw a spectacular collapse of the Aussie, Adam Scot on the last of the four days of the tournament. He led throughout till the last five holes. Then came the collapse. He made four straight bogies and lost to Ernie. Nerves, Jitters, Yips, bad luck, poor club selection were all there for us to watch with pity and disbelief. Ernie who had finished his game an hour earlier saw the trophy handed over to him on a platter.

Ernie Els is one of the most popular gentleman golfers on tour. The personal misfortune[he does not consider it as] of having an autistic  son has only made him a more mature and humane person and his acceptance speech and the way he commiserated with Adam Scott exemplified it.

Scott should have won. But then it is some consolation that he lost to Ernie.

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