Monday, April 23, 2012


The slam bang veriety of cricket which goes by the name Twenty Twenty Cricket is back. It is sad that in this format where it is designed to badger the hapless bowler, the viewership seems to be good though not as it was last year. Most that pay exorbitant amounts of money to see this murder of cricket are young and I feel sad to see their hysterical behavior in the stands. Then there are the cheer girls with their skimpy dress or undress gyrating whenever a four or six is hit. What a weird spectacle!

A gentleman’s game to be enjoyed in leisure over five days has been reduced to this Jamboree of instant gratification!

 Are we seeing the last days of test cricket? I am afraid so.

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Dip said...

I do not think that the Test Cricket will die. But surely there will be less viewers than attending the T20 matches. Even 50 over matches are attracting less viewers

Besides paucity of time; the young viewers like the "unorthodox" shots mixed with good cricketing shots to achieve goals.