Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sonia and her cancer

Sonia Gandhi is the most powerful person in India today. For those of you who don’t know who she is, she is the president of the ruling congress party and thus effectively the ruler of the country. She is also the wife of the erstwhile Prime Minister, late Rajiv Gandhi. In a country where your family antecedenents matter often more than ability, whether it is by birth or marriage, it is no surprise to see the rise of Madam Gandhi in the congress hierarchy. As I said ability apart, her son Rahul Gandhi is being groomed to be our next PM after the term of the stooge PM Man mohan Singh comes to an end.

She was diagnosed with cervical [uterus] cancer some months ago at Lady Gangaram hospital in New Delhi. This hospital is considered as the best in our capital and world class care is provided here. Then why did Sonia and her retinue choose to go to Newyork for the surgery and subsequent therapy?

There by hangs an unsavory tale. We have still not gotten out of the bias in favor of anything foreign is superior to what is available here. Be it a simple cataract surgery or an ordinary removal of uterus, we rush to US or UK for attention when these are done in our hospitals by the hundreds every day. In fact advanced care in all super specialties is available in out hospitals both in public and private sector. Sonia’s choosing to be treated in the US not only reflects poor national character but also is an insult to our doctors especially those who treat cancers.

What surprises me is that not one institution, political party, doctors organizations have criticized her!

My letter to the newspapers was not even published.


Anonymous said...

Well, it could be that her choice to go abroad for the surgery was not due to the quality of medical care or facilities. It might have been due to her awareness that if she chose to stay in India for this, the entire episode (before, during, and after) would have been covered 24x7 and Live by our news channels. At least in this case she managed to keep it private until a certain stage !

Of course, we could argue that she is a public personality and should expect such invasion of privacy, but that is her choice.


Dip said...

I agree with what Rajiv says

~ Dip

My thoughts said...

May be yes, she may have done it for reasons of privacy.
Knowing what happened in the past for other political bigwigs when they fell ill,I suspect it is for other reasons.

Why so much of secrecy?

G.D. said...

I endorse her right to privacy by the hounding 'Papparazi'
But in general most of our ruling elite[while in power] & affordable HNIs will run to the 'Phoren'[foreign] shores for the treatment of ailments which can be treated equally well if not better in India.
This is due to lack of confidence in our medical professionals by them. Many a times our medical experts have treated so many cases of a particular disease that their counterparts abroad wouldn't have seen in their lifetime[Thanks to a large population in India]

The Blog Maker. said...

my suggestion to you is when you criticize do it in a professional way. dont write some thing without any proper study regarding the topic.
it is easy to criticize those who are in authority. those who are in authority they are open to public..,and they are criticized.please know that we cannot do the job of sonia gandhi.if we cannot do it.. better not to criticize. why dont you criticize rajinikant? who was under treatment in singapore, when he came back his fans celebrated his return. think and write.. kindly dont repeat this.Iam not replying to hurt you.

Anonymous said...

Obviously her going abroad was for other reasons. Manmohan Singh and Vajpayee have had successful surgeries without their privacy being affected.
What's strange is no one is revealing what is wrong with her and the media is also not interested. We need to know who is paying for her treatment and how!

My thoughts said...

Of course Rajanikant too is at fault but then I felt Madame Sonia is much more important and so my comment was directed at her going abroad for Rx. I take the point of view of privacy being the reason. Yes, we are a crazy people we don't know how to respect others privacy and it is some times scary how people react when something goes wrong, say like with a VIP's treatment.