Thursday, August 25, 2011

Anna's fast

Occasionally it gives me great pleasure to be proved wrong. It has happened in the past like when, the huge lump I felt in a patient’s abdomen was proved non malignant or when the patient with a strongly positive treadmill test had normal coronaries [arteries that supply blood to the heart]

When Anna Hazare began his fast, I felt it will not succeed because the masses of this country [aam admi] are so emasculated by the 60 years of stifling rule by the Kalas [to use Anna’s famous words, Gora gaya Kala aya]. It is the 10th day of this remarkable man’s fast and it appears as though he is succeeding in achieving his immediate goal of getting the parliament to debate his Jan Lok pal bill. When the bill becomes a law I am certain it will not be the same as his version.

The Kalas [meaning beurocrats and politicians at all levels] who are enjoying the power of corrupt rule and feel safe with the prevailing regulations not able to get after their ill gotten wealth, will move earth and heaven to prevent an effective deterrence to corruption. It is not just this, there are so many more. Delivery of health care, basic sanitation and water supply, conservation, building and maintenance of our roads and rails and host of others. It is just not enough if one is honest [a la Man mohan Singh]. One has to be efficient and decisive, qualities sadly lacking in the present day rulers.

There is a long and hard struggle ahead to change the basic character of the people of this nation.

[Gora is the Hindi term used for white and Kala is for black. What Anna means is when India became Independent whites left and blacks took over and the country has remained suppressed, now by blacks [Indians]]


G.D. said...

Amazing spirit & nerves of steel of the former armyman!
I am sure not one of the 'kalas' ruling us would be able to sustain 2 days of fast.
However the ruling party 'kalas'have a bounden duty to protect the 1st family-" Soniyaji & Rahulji" at any cost; even at the cost of the life of a patriotic Indian with tremendous will power & guts.
Many others too have contributed to this great cause.
Hats off to all Indians who have shown restraint & non-violence even under provocation by the stupid ruling 'babus & netas', who have totally misjudged the situation & mood of the people.

DEV said...