Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tipper Topple

Yesterday in the wee hours, a truck carrying a load of whiskey cartons had a burst tyre. Trying to avoid hitting the meridian the driver swerved to the left and lost control of the vehicle. The whiskey laden truck toppled and came to rest on its side. There was a spill and several cartons split open and some bottles broke spilling the golden brew on to the road.

The first to smell the opportunity were the morning walkers. They made way with carton each on their heads. The reek then reached the houses nearby. The occupants came out and saw the waiting bonanza. The carried what they could. Then came the flood and these men and women had to make do with shared contents. They would not even leave the half broken half full bottles, these too were taken away and some consumed on the spot. All this happened in an hour!

What was the hapless driver of the truck doing all this while? He was stuck with a fractured leg and was screaming at the crowd at the top of his voice to get him out. What did the gentlemen looters do? They waited till the looting was over and then, only then, they extricated him and took him to the nearby hospital for attention.

Those who took him to the hospital smelt strongly of alcohol!

Moral of the story: Only when drunk will one goes to help others.

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