Sunday, March 27, 2011

Earth hour

I was out driving a friend home during the earth hour. I had to despite the fact using the vehicle too is against the green movement. I was pleasantly surprised with the response from the citizens of the city.

Most had switched off the lights and the vehicles were less on the roads. This awareness should be there all the time and at all levels. More importantly at the levels of politicians and beurocrats as these are the decision makers.

My city is being slowly and steadily being destroyed in the name of development.More roads are being built or widenied and more vehicles are allowed on the roads. Many busy roads have no place for the pedestrian and the cyclist. Moving from one part of the city to another has become a night mare. More and more trees are felled to make way for roads in the name of development. Once, the city had hundreds of lakes which were interconnected and water flowed from west to east.Now many of these are filled up and developed. What is this development? Building more and more apartments and housing colonies.

The city's population has quadrypled in less than 15 years. The water needs of the city are met with the crazy scheme of pumping water up a gradient of 2000 ft from a distance of 100kms.Where is the power coming from? build more hidel and nuclear powerplants, inundate verdat forest and agri land and invite disaster?

Gandhi, nearly a century ago had anticipated all this. He advocated minimum consumption of resources as the key to life. Is any one listening? Today's developers are taking away resources of tomorrow's generation. Who is worried?

Mr Gandhi must be turning in his grave!

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