Thursday, January 13, 2011

In the eyes of the beholder

I have a close friend living abroad. He did not make a very successful marriage but got along with his wife. They make frequent visits to this country and used to visit me. Whenever I went abroad, time permitting, I too visited them. Often there was trouble between them and knowing my friend, despite trying to be neutral, I tended to take his side. Or so the lady thought. She may not have liked me but managed to be nice because I was her husband’s friend. On one occasion when I returned to Bangalore after spending some time with them, I got an e- mail from her, which read, ‘you were looking haggard and worried’ hope you are alright’
This came as a surprise, because I had never felt better at that time and was in best of my spirits. Then how did she get this impression? I wrote back in all earnestness, ‘looks are in the eyes of the beholder’. That was five years ago. Madam has neither seen me nor has spoken to since. My friend did see me once three years ago, but has not seen or written since then. My mails too have gone unanswered!

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