Friday, December 25, 2009

Gautham Gambhir

One day cricket has come to stay and threatens to take over test cricket. This form of cricket is a compromise between the five day [test] variety and the twenty twenty one which gets over in three hours. The twenty twenty is the most vulgar and the test most sedate. The one day variety is a compromise between the two and oldies like me who grew up with test cricket and who intensely dislike the slam bang twenty twenty, have come to accept the one dayer as it still has elements which are pleasant and enjoyable.

There are very few players who can step in to all the three forms with ease without compromising the basic nature of their game. One such player is Gautham Gambhir. It is a pleasure to watch this small built left hander play the classical mould of cricket. He is all style and grace and runs come from shots which we are trained to enjoy. He doesn’t hit many sixes because that is not his way. But the fours he hits are a connoisseur’s delight.

He is also a person with a large heart. He was responsible along with another promising youngster called Virat Kohli in winning the fourth one dayer recently against SriLanka and rightly declared the man of the match. Gautham did something unusual in modern day sport. He gave the award and the prize money to Virat Kohli.

There are still gentlemen left in modern day sport.

Season’s greetings and Ushering in the New Year

A year is about to end and another about to begin and time has come to share my thoughts and feelings. These are:
To those of you who are my patients, a big thank you for keeping me active in the profession and for the confidence, love and affection you continue to shower,
To those of my friends, especially my golfing and badminton buddies, for having kept me happy and healthy,
To my small scattered family for continued support and love,
To the colorful plant and bird life which continues to give me so much of visual pleasure,
To readers of my Blog for the encouragement which has helped me to keep writing,
And lastly, to that mighty force which has kept me mentally fit and physically active, given me the ability to enjoy and appreciate the little things in the evening of my life.

Hope you don’t mind a bit of advice from an old man.
Eat less, consume less, exercise more, laugh whenever you can, help out, forget the past, enjoy the present and don’t worry about future.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year and a big Thank You for looking after our mental and physical health. To your words of advise, please add," Be totally honest". Here you have really set an example to all others in your profession. For a majority in the medical profession, scruples is an unknown word. We are lucky to have you as our family doctor for nearly thirty years.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Thoughts and Feelings!!!
A BIG Thank you for all that you do... and for all that you are!!

"Eat less, consume less, exercise more”
-Trying my level best :D

“laugh whenever you can, help out, forget the past, enjoy the present and don’t worry about future”
-I Truly believe in......


My thoughts said...

When one comments in a language which other doesnot understand, the comment goes waste. There must be automatic translation facility which this blog doesnot have. while I am pleased that you [Lincoln Nicke]did in chinese[?], for the sake of other eaders, will you please translate that into English?