Sunday, October 11, 2009

Muniyappa wins the Indian Open

From time to time I have written about this young golfer from my club who overcame the major disadvantages of poor socioeconomic and educational background, to excel in this difficult to master game of golf. Please read my blog post of 20, sept, 2007 to know about his background.

I just now finished watching him winning the Indian open in a play off and a purse of 195000 dollars is his. The manner of his win was nothing short of extraordinary. His tee shot [drive] found the edge of a bunker on a downhill lie. He choose to hit over an intervening tree when the easy option would have been to chip the ball on to the fair way there by loosing distance but making sure he is on the fairway for the next shot. He managed to hit a brilliant lob from the thick grassy lie and the ball flew over the tree to lie perfectly on the fairway giving him an easy approach shot which he hit with in ten feet from the pin to hole out with a birdie and win!

This is his first major win and he has made all of us who have supported him very proud.

Congratulations, Mr. Chinnasamy Muniappa. You have done it and in style.


Anonymous said...

thanks for telling this great story

Dr.S.Subramanyam said...


This gives an idea "Identify the talented,support and encourage and you can expect result like this.
Don't know how many talented going unnoticed
"Its time privileged support talented underprivileged and enjoy their success"

siddhartha said...

as this article is on golf, i came across a wonderful website

this is the first time i have come across a site which analyses the science of ones game based on results and just not on probability/hypothesis

definitely a must see.