Saturday, May 23, 2009

Singh is King

Some time ago I wrote about our low profile economist prime minister Manmohan Singh and about the Great Indian thamasha. Time has now come when I must write a post script.
The great Indian thamasha was concluded and the election results were announced within 12 hours! Despite the electronic voting this was an extra ordinary feat. The results were astounding. After nearly twenty years of repeated fractured mandate, the electorate this time gave Manmohan Singh and his UPA a decisive majority. What is nice about this victory is that voting took place across the dividing lines of caste and religion. Money and muscle power did play their part but it was true of both the groups.

That the UPA has a large number of MPS who are in the age group of 25 to 35 is a very welcome change and augers well to future of the Indian nation. The chief Satraps of the UPA, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and her heir apparent Rahul Gandhi seem to be genuinely interested in the welfare of the poor Indian, has struck a chord in the voter.

Demise of the regional parties means the hold of caste and language based politics will hopefully take a back seat and the country’s interest will now take a priority. Economic and social reforms can now be accelerated without the hindrances of these parties and their chieftains.
So, it looks as though, tie country is in for a period of stability and progress.

So our Singh has indeed become a King!

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