Thursday, January 15, 2009


A consultant is one who knows more and more about less and less, so goes the pun. It is true that they often create more problems than they solve.
There was a village infested with cats. Where ever one went one saw them. They were perched on tree tops, roofs, compound walls, porches and one could not even walk freely without a cat coming between ones legs, not to speak of the din and the dirt.
Things came to such a head that the village council met to discuss ways to tackle this menace. After prolonged palaver it was decided to seek help from a Mr. Rattan Singh, the famous cat expert, who lived in a town nearby.
A delegation of villagers led by the headman went to see this worthy.
First sight of Mr. Singh, they were suitably impressed. His was an imposing figure and his office had various traps, nettings and the other paraphernalia required to carry out his job. Rattan Singh agreed to do the job for a fee.
On the appointed day, Rattan Singh, the cat catcher, arrived at the village and he was warmly received by the harassed villagers. Rattan went around the village on a recce and found sitting on a lamp post a huge maroon coloured tom cat. Instantly the cat expert knew this feller was the problem for the cat population bloom.
He caught the tom cat and sterilized him. He assured the villagers that the problem is now over and they can all sleep peacefully hence forth.
Six months passed. The cat population instead of becoming less grew even more.
The delegation went to Rattan Singh and complained.
The surprised expert visited the village to find out.
What the villagers said was true. He sought out the tom cat. He found him perched regally on the lamp post preening himself. Rattan Singh asked him in the language of the cats. ‘How is it that your population has increased?’
‘I have now become a consultant’, the tom cat replied.

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