Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Barak Obama

After Jimmy Carter, America did not have a president who had a vision that Americans are part of this world and world’s peace is their peace. I read Senator Obama’s views on health care delivery [NEMJ] and what he would do if elected. I am most impressed. I hope the Middle America realizes what an opportunity it has second time over [first was Al Gore] and votes for him.

Health care delivery and the costs are a major problem all over the world. Only few countries like the UK, Scandinavian countries have a fairly effective health care system. Though not foolproof at least in these countries one has access in the nationalized system. In the US you have to have expensive insurance and access to such insurance is impossible for many. Unnecessary investigations and procedures, lack of organized primary care are other serious problems. No one wants to become a general practitioner! The money he makes is not even a quarter of that of a organ specific doctor[specialist] More incentives to doctors opting for primary care[Obama’s promise] will go some way in solving the problem of providing universal health care.

Reforms come at a prize. One may have to pay more taxes and doctors [super specialists] may have to accept lesser incomes. But the working atmosphere and the beurocratic control will be less and not more if Obama’s plans succeed.

You cannot live peacefully in a world where there is so much of inequality in all aspects of life. If America elects senator Obama, there is some hope for peace not only for America but also for the whole world.

Those of you Americans, who read my blog, please don’t miss this opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

I agree his health care proposal makes a lot of sense. His plan recognizes 1) that we in the U.S. consume unnecessary procedures and 2) that the doctor/insurance company benefits when we get the unneeded MRI. That’s one reason premiums in the U.S. are growing so quickly. This essay in the Wall Street Journal summarizes well the merits of the plan.