Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dhruva's test

Dhruva is a six years old youngster and much more knowledgeable than I when it comes to the electronic gadgetry he plays with. This provides him with great deal of fun and merriment when ever he comes to see me. The latter part takes more time than the actual consult. On one occasion he may bring his battery operated car with a hidden starter button and will demonstrate a trial run on the floor and challenge me to do the same. I cannot to this simple act to his great delight. Like this, each time he comes he has new gadget or a toy and usually I end up getting defeated. He also asks me simple riddles and most often I answer wrong. Dhruva has come to the inevitable and fair conclusion that I am a rather stupid and backward person.

Recently he was unwell with fever and he was brought to see me. I wanted to take his temperature and requested him to keep the thermometer tip under the tongue. He reluctantly agreed and after I finished, he asked me why don’t I take it from the ear which is very fast as his mother does? This was news to the backward doctor. Seeing the disbelief on my face, he explained patiently how it is done and promised to get me one when he comes over next time.

His father came after a few days with some problem and gifted me with a new digital thermometer with an ear piece. You have to just place it like you do with an otoscope and press a button and you get the reading. Dhruva however was very specific in his instructions to his father. ‘That doctor, he doesn’t know, you just don’t give it to him and come away, you show him how to use it by putting it in his [mine] ear’ The father told me this, but had the grace not to actually do it.

I am pretty sure Dhruva, when he comes next will test me. I am a bit nervous that I may fail!


Anonymous said...

dhruv seems to be your new age "guiding star" (dhruv tara)...good to now about young patients after the last posting which made us a bit sad

G.D. said...

There's so much to learn from youngsters in this age of computers n electronics.This is the price one has to pay but is fun too!

Anonymous said...

Dear pop,
I would like to share a similar experience.A 8 year old came to my centre in the recent past with high fever.I recorded his temperature with a digital thermometer and frowned at the high reading.This boy on seeing me frown was quick to yell at me that he was not keen on having a injection.I do not usually like to give injections in my practice,but still i said i will give one if he yells at me again.This boy was quick with his reply that if i did give him a shot then i will have to repent at a later age.I politely asked him what did he mean by this?.This boy shot back telling me that when i will be 50(+)years he will be a adult,strong enough to come and give me a sound beating.I had to resent at his wit.Presently he still comes to me and we have become good friends,just to avoid a future confrontation which i might regret if i do not keep fit.

Anonymous said...

I am delighted to be with the young. Especially the ones up to the school age.When once they start going to school they begin to loose their charm and by the time they finish school they become some sort of robots.Present day schooling system destroys charecter and spontaneity.Such a tragedy.
Pets are the next to kids in giving pleasure.