Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lost weight

Our paths often crossed which was unavoidable. We lived in the same locality and belonged to the same club and she was a fixture in most of the club parties, receptions and get togethers of common friends. She was a woman of uncertain age, weighed 80 kilos which was heavy even for a big built woman like her. Whenever she came to see me it was for obesity related problems and my standard treatment was to hand out a diet chart, which she cheerfully ignored, but kept complaining that despite her dieting her weight remained constant.
Normally when I go out for an evening party which is rare, I try and get back early and when this lady is present it was even earlier. Let me explain why. No sooner the food was laid she would slide up to me and tell me loudly ‘doc, you are a busy man and must be waiting to get back come, you have your meal’ and would virtually drag me to the table, sometimes even handing me the plate. This worked fine with me as I was usually happy to get away from these parties, but once in a way I found it annoying when the host or the hostess is a close friend and I wanted to spend some time there.
On one such evening we were forced in her usual manner to eat an early dinner and depart. We had gone home and my wife remembered her handbag which she had left behind and wanted me to go back and retrieve it. Rather reluctantly I went back to the venue and went straight to where my wife was sitting and to my relief found the bag. I also found sitting there my patient with all her flesh and fat, with her plate heaped full of richest of foods! At my rather cruel and unexpected return her reaction initially was one of surprise and then a mixture of guilt and consternation. I should have wished her goodnight and gracefully got back, but couldn’t help telling her to come next day to my clinic and check her weight!

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G.D. said...

Well-intentioned gesture, neverthless lacking tact in today's false world.