Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fat cats don't hunt

I am one of those who never liked the 20/20 version of cricket. It is more like a slam bang jamboree rather than real cricket. Indian version of this is called IPL and it was over about two weeks ago. Just after this the team went to West Indies for the world cup of the same format. It came as no surprise to me that the much hyped team India got a through drubbing. This was mainly due to what commentator Ian Bishop aptly described as spineless batting.

On docile Indian pitches even the fastest bowler is rendered innocuous and our heroes are used to this and away it is a different story. The ball comes at you at an uncomfortable height and you should be quick on your feet and eye to either ward off or hit the ball. Our players did neither and preferred to get out! They were such a jaded and faded lot after the hectic IPL that even a child could see that they were an unfit lot. Adding insult to injury there seemed to be no pride representing the national side. This is entirely due to the fact that there is so much more money in domestic IPL than world cricket and our team full of fat cats were not hungry for a win. As the legendry Imran Khan commented that there may come a time when players may prefer to stay away from representing their country and prefer to play for their club!

Now coming to the sordid affairs of the IPL. When money, glamour, business and politics become bedfellows, it is foolish to expect honesty and straight forward deals. The high flying commissioner of the league, Mr Lilith Mody was found wanting on many counts and was summarily booted out, few tears were shed by the viewing public. Few were indeed shed for another IPL casualty, the articulate blabber mouth, Sashi Taroor.

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